1. Jillian, M.

One Jillian describes her visit as “more than anticipating”, heading on to rate the museum a 5 star! “Wow. The guidebooks haven’t really caught up with the wonders of the remodeled museum. The displays are really well organized (and in clear English!) and provide an in-depth look at burial practices in Taranto from Greek through Roman times. I was skeptical about paying the 8 Euro entrance fee when learning, the museums two floors are open on alternating hours, but we spent almost four hours in the museum and loved everything,” adds Jillian.

2. Jenny, G.

Rating her travel experience at 5 stars, Jenny describes her travel experience as “worth going to this museum.” She heads on to add, “This is one of the best Museums I have seen (and I used to work in one). The quality and breadth of the collection are breathtaking. The excellent labeling is in Italian and English. There were fairly comprehensive English poster boards to assist in understanding this collection. The lighting, presentation, and layout are all excellent. But it is the objects which make it so special. Visit if you possibly can.”

3. Zack, K.

“An outstanding collection of pieces, excellent curation, and display,” Zack reiterates. Rating his experience at 5 stars, Zack adds, “MARTA takes you through the history of Taranto from pre-history up to about the 17th/18th century, with a huge focus on materials from the Greek and, to a lesser extent, Roman era. The layout is impressively simple and easy to understand. The informational signage is in both Italian and English is very well translated. In addition, throughout the museum, there are small kiosks with more detailed information on the exhibits around you. Highly recommended and definitely worth a 2-hour visit.”

4. James, B.

“Extraordinary! Worth a 5-star rating!” James exclaims. “My daughter and I were deeply impressed by both the objects and display in this museum — certainly if you’re in Taranto it’s a must-see, but also worth a detour. I’ll admit that we were surprised as well — I did not expect to find artifacts of such breadth, depth, and quality nor quite that high a level of museum practice. As others have mentioned, it’s unfortunate that visitors must interrupt their fun for hourly gallery shifts, but with a collection like this, it doesn’t matter!” He adds.

5. Angela, K.

“Worth visiting if you’re in Taranto!” Angela reiterates. “This is a wonderful museum in the new town of Taranto just over the swing bridge by the Castello Aragonese. The collection is housed over two floors and covers neolithic, Greek and Roman artifacts from around the Taranto area. It’s an amazingly comprehensive and beautiful collection of pottery, statues, tools, glass, jewelry and metalwork, all clearly labeled in Italian and English The gallery is modern with toilets on each floor. Highly recommended, worth a 5-star.”

6. Paul, J.

“Beautiful museum full of antiquities,” describes Paul. “We visited Taranto for the first time almost a month ago. The ticket to enter was really cheap. Many labels in ancient Greek and Latin and great mosaics. The mosaics alone are worth the visit and I cannot remember that I have seen so many beautiful antique jewels in the same room anywhere. We visited the museum in the evening and our group got a private guide that was very knowledgeable and polite, which of course increased the experience. 5-star! You should pay a visit definitely.”